Saturday, 26 May 2012

Keeley & Phil at 'A Celebration of The Arts'!

Keeley and Phil looking absolutely gorgeous at 'A Celebration of The Arts'. There's also some more pics of Keeley etc on REX features, but they're only thumbnail size.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Keeley Hawes talks to World of Difference about UNICEF and Soccer Aid!

UNICEF’s Soccer Aid charity campaign is up and running, with the sporting event set to provide entertainment to millions on Sunday 27th May. We’ve been talking to UNICEF supporter and access Keeley Hawes, who took a trip to Africa recently to make a video for Soccer Aid. Read on to find out what Keeley had to say.
 Before we got the chance to ask Keeley a few questions, we got shown the latest UNICEF video, where the Spooks and Ashes to Ashes star explains exactly what’s going on in Djibouti, Africa:
“There hasn’t been any rain here for the last five years, and things aren’t too good at all. I just wanted to come and see first hand the sort of funds that are needed and what can be done with them.”

Read more HERE!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Keeley Hawes: The Power To Save Children's Lives!

When UNICEF asked me to get involved with Soccer Aid and suggested I make a film in Djibouti, I must admit I thought, 'where on earth is that?'. Now I can't imagine I'll ever forget the children I met in this tiny East African nation, which has been ravaged by the worst drought in 50 years.
The world's media have focused on neighbouring Somalia, just a few kilometres from where we were. But in Djibouti, away from the cameras, one in every five children is malnourished and suffering terribly from the worst food crisis in decades.

I came back from Djibouti a different person. Since the trip I've followed news of Soccer Aid closely. There's plenty to follow and I am extremely proud that the British Government have pledged their support in helping UNICEF save more children's lives by matching money raised in Soccer Aid 2012 pound for pound.

This will inspire more fundraisers to get involved, because for every pound the public donates, DFID will donate the same, so fundraisers can celebrate their double impact. It's as simple as if you give £5 then children benefit from £10 worth of help.
Read more HERE!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Donate to UNICEF!

As you all know Keeley has recently visited Africa with the charity UNICEF, whose life-saving work saves children every single day. All donations to this years Soccer Aid will be matched pound for pound by the UK Government, so the more money we donate, the more children UNICEF can help.

While Keeley was in Africa, she spent time in one particular place called Djibouti where a large population of people now live in slums just outside the capital. These people used to live in the more rural areas of Djibouti but the farmers livestock all died of thirst when the rivers and lakes dried up. They then moved to the capital to look for work but due to rising prices of oil, food and rent they could not afford to live in the capital and so this slum became their home.

You can read more about her time in Africa HERE!

Over one million children in the Sahel region of West Africa lack proper food and could die within months. Just £20 could pay for a whole month of lifesaving food for a severely malnourished child!

You can donate HERE!

Keeley Hawes in 'Hunger' Magazine!

Keeley Hawes photographed by Michelle Campbell for 'Hunger' Magazine.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

New photo of Keeley & Phil filming River Cottage!

This episode of River Cottage is due to air very soon on Channel 4. For all the latest info visit the new page 'Now?'

>>Credit to Commonsenseofagrainweevil on Tumblr for finding this picture.

Monday, 14 May 2012

New Page: 'Now?'

Check out the new page that has just been added to the blog. 'Now?' is the place where you can keep up to date with what Keeley and Alex are doing right now. It will be updated as frequently as possible, so you never miss a thing! Let me know what you think by clicking the comment button below!

Eternity Clock Release Date Confirmed!

It has been confirmed that the upcoming Doctor Who game The Eternity Clock will be released next week. The game will be made available to download via the PSN store worldwide on Wednesday, May 23, and will also be available via in disc form (In the UK only) just two days later on Friday, May 25. 
Players can play as both The Doctor and River Song, with Matt Smith and Alex Kingston doing voice over work for the game.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Keeley Hawes UNICEF video!

If you click on the link HERE you can watch a short video of Keeley and other people, inlcluding Keira Knightly, discuss their recent visit to Africa with UNICEF and explain why they made the decision to help Soccer Aid.